Tom_Cleanedup StandingJust wondering if you’re weary of wandering?

If so, you’re not alone. I want to remind you there is purpose and there is wonder. Not hype, not a mirage or gimmick, but instead, a faith that rescues and restores.

As a TV sports anchor and on-air host, I frequently fueled the pre-game buildup just before the kickoff, the first pitch or the tip-off. But even in the biggest venues, I found Super Bowls, World Series and NBA Finals each felt like just another game minutes after they started. Even filled stadiums and arenas that make a sanctuary for meaning are left empty.

Games aside, I often find that players and coaches have a lot in common with the rest of us. They too endure, forgive, grieve, despair and search for what’s substantial. They can offer guidance from what their rare experiences have taught them.

Their stories inspire and their convictions can console, and their authentic hope — is contagious.